Housse de selle 125 DTR


expeditions and returns

Expedition will be performed by means of transport best adapted to weight and to volume of order at the address of delivery pointed out on the order validated in a middle term of 8 days. The seller will not be responsible in case of overtaking of this term and give rise to the remittance of damages. The risk of the transport is supported by buyer, who owes during reception to control the goods the state of items and to point out on the delivery note of the conveyor reservations concerning the possible missing or problems. Otherwise no possible appeal is not and cannot be put cause it for fact of destruction, problems, losses, thefts, happened in the course of transportation.
The customer has of a term of 7 working days after the reception of the product to signal nonconformity to the seller . Subject to availability at the producer the seller will replace the product in reason with that ordered and deliver it in conditions and previous terms. No exchanges can be made without prior approval by the seller. Ticket Transport charges of return and of exchanges are supported by customer. Our society refuses systematically any goods in cash on delivery and is not under no circumstances representative for loss or for deterioration of the parcel in return for exchange.
The returned items must not have been used.